Monday, August 9, 2010


"Hello my friend, So good to see you again." (JH)

"It has been a long time, hasn't it." (JH)

I'll do my best to bring this up to date, but truth be told, interest has been waning lately as you might have guess. I did keep some notes on scrap paper, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It would be understated for sure, not overstated. Since my last entry not a lot has happened, Still working on my bathroom remodel, still working way too many hours. Been to Cape Cod numerous times, Plymouth a few times, not as many times as I would have like to because time is still at a premium.  Blah Blah Woof Woof  (JH)  
Lets just get started with the update.
When I last left you in May, (whew) I was off to a good start, thinking the economy was turning around and everything. It sputtered out just like the economy and this blog. I only mange to gather another .94 cents in change and $2.75 in cans. The month end wrap up is as follows:
Change: .94
Cans: $2.75
May Final Total: $23.70

Absolutely nothing happened in June that I recall, including not adding much to the RDF.
Change: $1.48
Cans: $3.20
June Final Total: $4.68

July was a good month for me, a so-so month for the RDF. We started the month off by spending the July 4th weekend on Cape Cod, actually we spent a good portion of it on a boat in Lewis Bay, including for the fireworks display on the night of the 4th.

Everyone would gather on the 24th of May
Sitting in the sand to watch the fireworks display.
Dancing fires on the beach, singing songs together...
Though it's just a memory, some memories last forever.  (RUSH)

Later in the month, we had a week off for vacation. We spent the first part of the week  at our friend's house in Plymouth, we had a great time. As promised back in May, here is a picture of the view from their deck and the second one is from their upper deck off the master bedroom.

We finished off the week in Cape Cod and then back to the grind. During the month of July I collected $3.60 in change and $.75 in cans. The above change included a $1.00 bill found at Stop & Rob. So here are the totals.
Change: $3.60
Cans: $.75
 July Final Total: $4.35

August is really in the crapper so far. It seems everybody remembers to check the coin return slot on the Coinstar now, slim pickens there. Not much going on at work either, and Bella has been getting skunked at the park now.  The funds are pitiful for the month.  On a bright note, during my hiatus these past months, I managed to go the redemption center 3 times for a total of $58.90 which as always is thrown into the RDF. 
Until next time, whenever that may be,  CYA
Change: .03
Cans: .35
Aug Total; $.38

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silver - The Sequel

Howdy Ho!
I keep meaning to update more often but so much going on right now, (remodeling my bathroom, yard work, work-work, etc,etc), time is at a premium these days. We've only made it to our friend's new house in Plymouth once so far and that was not an overnighter. Beautiful house with a really fantastic view which I'll share with you in a future blog. As for the RDF, April was an OK month, The streak of a find every day ended on the 17th and 18th. Those are actually the only two days I didn't have any finds. As I recall, it was a rainy weekend and I didn't get out of the house, just worked on the bathroom. As for the title of the blog, Yes the coinstar gave up another silver dime, this time a 44 merc. 
April's final totals would not have been so good if wasn't for a $10.00 "go get yourself a beer" customer I had on the 29th. I also made it to the redemption center twice for $15.05 and $7.70 respectively. So April's final numbers look like this:
Change: $11.98
Cans: $1.70
April Final Total: $14.63

May has started out very strong thanks to a $17.81 "keep the change" customer, a sure sign the economy is starting to turn around.  Here's the totals so far.  Until next time CYA.
Change: $18.96
Cans: $1.05
May Total: $20.01
P.S. Happy Mothers Day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bye Bye Berkshires!

No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.

I have allot to talk about so let's gets started.......
The flooding here in the northeast has been severe, historic flooding according to most reports, I however live on a hill and have persevered. (The Fool On the Hill)
Some of my neighbors were not so fortunate.....

As far As the Rainy Day Fund goes, it also was a historic month. I had a find of no less than .05 cents on every single day,  yes that's right, a find every single day!  I also made it to the redemption center one time during March for a total of $16.25 in returns, that as always was/is added to the till. So here are the totals...
Change: $16.19
Cans: $4.10
March Final Total: $20.29 (Sure makes up for the first two months of the year) :)

 April started with us spending a long weekend out in the Berkshires. If you been following this blog, right from the very beginning I have made mention of spending many weekends out in the Berkshires. Anywayz, we always spent it at our best friends house who always had a spare guest room for us. Well as it turns out, our friends have sold their house out west as of this week and have move closer to us in another one of our favorite hangouts. Welcome to Plymouth, Ma.  Again, they have a spare guest room for us. Great Friends!  I will however miss the beauty and peacefulness of the majestic mountains of the Berkshires.

While out there I had to make one more trip to a place right down the street from their house where we would just relax, drink beer, and swim in the cleanest and coldest water around during some of the hot summer days that we spent out there. The Granville Gorge.

Bye Bye Berkshires, Hello Plymouth. 
We now return to the RDF. The streak of a find every day so far continues. Seven days in and so far a hit every day. I also scored a 1968 Canadian dime from the coinstar which is 50% silver. Here's where the RDF stands so far for the month of April. 
Until next time CYA...
Change: .05
Cans: .90
April Total $0.95

Monday, March 1, 2010


 Another month in the books and another low total. I can't wait for the return of Spring and warm weather, and increased revenue hopefully. This month was not my worse, (see last month), but still was disappointing with the exception of a 1960 Silver dime plucked from the coinstar. Bella and I also managed to find a 1956 wheat penny down the park and that is pretty much the highlights of this past month. I also made my usual two trips to the redemption center this month for $13.00 and $11.10 respectively. Not much more to say except CYA.
Cans: $2.25
Change: $3.11
February Final Total: $5.36

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wrap it Up - I'll take it!

January has thankfully come to an end. After hunting at all the usual locations multiple times throughout the month I did manage to recover slightly from the disastrous beginning but not enough to spare me from my lowest revenue making month ever. My lowest month to this point was July 09 at $4.55, I didn't quite get there this month. I pulled in another $1.40 in cans & bottles, with the majority of those coming from work. I also went to the redemption center twice this month for $16.50 and $15.15 respectively. As far as the change goes, I rounded up $2.22 from work, Stop N Rob, and the Coinstar. That's it in a nutshell, So lets Wrap it Up!
Change: $2.22
Cans: $1.40
January Final Totals: $4.45

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Welcome to the Winter of 2010 and another new year of the Rainy Day Fund.  Brrrrr - Baby It's Cold Outside in more ways than just the temperature. I am off to probably one slowest starts ever for a month as far as finding monies for the RDF.  I guess I could blame the frigid temps, the snow and ice, but I think it also has to do with economy as well, Just not as much disposable income, so every penny counts these days. So far I collected 14 cans & bottles for a total of .70 cents and only 3 pennies and a dime for change. Yikes!  Hopefully things turn around pretty quickly.

Here's an interesting update for those of you who follow this blog. I showed you a picture of a headstone back on August 23rd 2009 that had a curse inscribed on it for all eternity. I asked the question at the time what would make a person so angry as to do this, Well thanks to a Michael Volpe, I now know why. If your interested, please take the time to read Michael's comment about the story of Mary Dolencie. ~RIP~
Well that brings another edition of the RDF to a close, Until next time, CYA...
Change: .13
Cans: .70
Jan.Totals: .83 (ouch)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

"New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual." - Mark Twain

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

Sorry about not updating in so long, I really meant too, repeatedly.....
A lot of ground to cover, I did keep notes so it is pretty accurate to a point, the last couple weeks I have been slipping on that as well, so if anything, the amounts will be understated.
First up, the month of November.

 These turkeys managed to escape the dinner table!

The month of November would have been a disastrous month had not been for one fantastic find down the park while walking Bella on one fine Saturday morning. Folded on the ground was a Twenty Dollar bill. ChaChing! I also went to the redemption center twice for S12.30 and 10.55 respectiveley. Not much more stands out for the month as I recall, So here's the wrap up.
Change: $22.18
Cans: $2.40
November Final Totals: $ 24.58

December started slowly but we got couple nice trips in, One weekend we headed out to the Berkshires, took off and went up to The Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, VT. and then drove down to Simsbury, Connecticut for great Chineese food at The Green Tea and then back to the Berkshires, all in one day/night.

The Grist Mill at the Vermont Country Store

The weekend before Christmas found us out in the Berkshires again for a last minute Wedding with only four days notice. Although Put together very quickly, it was a Incredible day.
Congratz Tiff & Josh.
Then the snow hit.
By Christmas the snow was gone and off to Old Cape Cod to spend the day with family. This past Sunday was spent at Gillette Stadium watching the Patriots clinch the AFC east title. (Shout out to the Randy Moss mask dude!)
As for the RDF, this month, here's the bottom line.
Change: $12.92
Cans: $2.05
December Final Totals: $14.97

Until Next year, CYA