Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ketchup Time

Well it's been awhile since my last update, I'll do my best to bring this blog up to date. First let's close out the month of July. According to my notes, I got a measly .12 cents in change and .70 cents in cans and bottles to finish off July. That would make July my lowest revenue making month thus far. (I'll never become a millionaire at that rate) ;)
Change: .12
Cans: .70
July Final Total: $4.55
For the month of August I have rebounded nicely from the dol-drums of July though. I lost track of the amount of cans & bottles I collected so far but I am guessing about $2.00 worth. (probably more). As far as the cash goes - well that I have been keeping track of and thanks to a couple of generous customers this month, I have $12.89 in change for the month of August so far. I also cashed in the cans and bottles for another $17.25 two weeks ago which means I am about due to go to the redemption center again. I started this Blog on 9/7/08 which means my one year anniversary is fast approaching and with that I have to make a trip to the bank and cash in all these coins and dollar bills and other monies I collected and see what the real total of the RDF is. I am going to sign off this entry with a interesting photo I took of a headstone inscription at the Ancient Cemetery located on old Cape Cod.

May Eternal Damnation be upon those in Whaling Port who without knowing me
have maliciously vilified me. May the curse of God be upon them and theirs.
What could have made this person so angry as to have that inscribed on their headstone for all eternity.
Until next time. CYA <- you know where that comes from now, right?
Change: $12.89
Cans: $2.00
August Total: $14.89

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mv said...

Hello JK,
I would like to fill you in on the grave you found on Cape Cod in the Ancient Cemetary of Mary Dolencie. I grew up on the Cape, in Yarmouth and stumbled across the same stone about 15 years ago while in High school. Here is the story of Mary Dolencie. ( I have never blogged or responded before so if you would like to move this comment or incorporated or whatever, please do).
First off Whaling Port, the neighborhood she Damned on her grave marker is directly across the street from the cemetary very near her burial site. It is a small neighborhood, with 2 main roads and a few that connect in between. Aftewr seeing the gravestone, and noticing a sign identifying Whaling Port I decided to take a walk through the neighborhood to see if anyone knew what the deal was. I was directed by a man raking leaves to a house on the front side. He told me the woman who lived there knew the story. I knocked on her door and the woman was extremely helpful and very, very nice. She even produced a few photocopied newspaper articles from old Cape Cod Times to back up the story.
Mary Dolencie was a recluse old woman who lived in the far back corner of Whaling Port. She was a bit of a hermit or miser and by all accounts wasn't very pleasant to anyone around. She did however have over 30 cats living in and around her home. She left huge bowls of cat food outside her house and this created the initial problems between her and the people of Whaling Port. Many neighbors complained about the cats roaming around, fighting at night and making noise, breeding uncontrollably and being a general nuisance. Also the food left outside brought a huge population of wild animals especially coyotes and skunks. The coyotes killed a few pets in Whaling port and nobody likes to have skunks running around in big numbers. A few neighbors got the town involved and tried to get her to stop leaving food out and to limit the # of cats. The town couldn't do anything because most of the cats were considered strays and lived outdoors most the time. Although she did have two kitty doors so they could all come in whenevr they wanted and into her garage also. After the twon got involved Mary decided to strike back by aiming her outside flood lights into her neighbors bedroom windows. Mary Dolencie then purchased the gravestone, chosae the curse and paid in full the man who carved the stone said he really didn't want to but it was paid for and he said it wasn't his place to pick and choose who gets their final burial wishes fulfilled and who doesn't. Even though it made him very uncomfortable. Shortly after paying for the stone Mary Dolencie tripped on one of her cats and fell down her basement stairs on a Tuesday. She laid there until the next day. She wasn't dead but did break her back in a few places. It took her two days but she managed to crawl and pull herself up the basement stairs. She made it to the kitchen floor where she ended up dying from a combination of exhaustion, dehydration, shock and her injuries. Of course nobody came to see if she was ok because nobody liked her and she had no family around. She was finally found after people started to complain about her stinking rotting corpse.
That is the story of Mary Dolencie, Whaling Port, and the curse placed upon the neighborhood. Her neighbors trying to take away a lonely old ladi es cats is what made her angry enough to As of 12 years from her death no ill will or anything freakish or devastating had happened to anyone in Whaling Port. I guess her curse didn't work. Hope you found this back story just a touch entertaining at the very least. Please feel free to cut/paste/post/paraphrase this story for your blog if you want.
M. Volpe