Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silver - The Sequel

Howdy Ho!
I keep meaning to update more often but so much going on right now, (remodeling my bathroom, yard work, work-work, etc,etc), time is at a premium these days. We've only made it to our friend's new house in Plymouth once so far and that was not an overnighter. Beautiful house with a really fantastic view which I'll share with you in a future blog. As for the RDF, April was an OK month, The streak of a find every day ended on the 17th and 18th. Those are actually the only two days I didn't have any finds. As I recall, it was a rainy weekend and I didn't get out of the house, just worked on the bathroom. As for the title of the blog, Yes the coinstar gave up another silver dime, this time a 44 merc. 
April's final totals would not have been so good if wasn't for a $10.00 "go get yourself a beer" customer I had on the 29th. I also made it to the redemption center twice for $15.05 and $7.70 respectively. So April's final numbers look like this:
Change: $11.98
Cans: $1.70
April Final Total: $14.63

May has started out very strong thanks to a $17.81 "keep the change" customer, a sure sign the economy is starting to turn around.  Here's the totals so far.  Until next time CYA.
Change: $18.96
Cans: $1.05
May Total: $20.01
P.S. Happy Mothers Day

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bleason said...

RDF, enjoyed your update. I always check the coin changers in my bank and grocery store. They are steady producers of "rainy day coins."