Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bye Bye Berkshires!

No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.

I have allot to talk about so let's gets started.......
The flooding here in the northeast has been severe, historic flooding according to most reports, I however live on a hill and have persevered. (The Fool On the Hill)
Some of my neighbors were not so fortunate.....

As far As the Rainy Day Fund goes, it also was a historic month. I had a find of no less than .05 cents on every single day,  yes that's right, a find every single day!  I also made it to the redemption center one time during March for a total of $16.25 in returns, that as always was/is added to the till. So here are the totals...
Change: $16.19
Cans: $4.10
March Final Total: $20.29 (Sure makes up for the first two months of the year) :)

 April started with us spending a long weekend out in the Berkshires. If you been following this blog, right from the very beginning I have made mention of spending many weekends out in the Berkshires. Anywayz, we always spent it at our best friends house who always had a spare guest room for us. Well as it turns out, our friends have sold their house out west as of this week and have move closer to us in another one of our favorite hangouts. Welcome to Plymouth, Ma.  Again, they have a spare guest room for us. Great Friends!  I will however miss the beauty and peacefulness of the majestic mountains of the Berkshires.

While out there I had to make one more trip to a place right down the street from their house where we would just relax, drink beer, and swim in the cleanest and coldest water around during some of the hot summer days that we spent out there. The Granville Gorge.

Bye Bye Berkshires, Hello Plymouth. 
We now return to the RDF. The streak of a find every day so far continues. Seven days in and so far a hit every day. I also scored a 1968 Canadian dime from the coinstar which is 50% silver. Here's where the RDF stands so far for the month of April. 
Until next time CYA...
Change: .05
Cans: .90
April Total $0.95

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